Admission guide for Manna Aijien

Manna Aijien is a preschool based on the Christian faith, operated by Tsuchiura Megumi Church.
(Non-Christians are also welcome to enroll.)

About the name of Manna Aijien
The name "Manna" is taken from Exodus 16 in the Old Testament.
When the Israelites wandered in the wilderness and ran out of food, God rained bread called “manna” from heaven for them. When the Israelites saw the white food, they said, "What is this? and so “manna” became a synonym for God's blessings.
We are confident that children will be nurtured by God's Word, supported and guided by God's grace.


We love the one and only God who cannot be seen but lives and works, and we worship God every day.
God, the Creator of all things, created each of us with immeasurable love and wisdom. We educate each child as an irreplaceable human being entrusted by God, valuing his or her individuality.
We provide childcare by Christian teachers who believe in God and love children. At the same time, we nurture children in the warmth of the large family of God, Tsuchiura Megumi Church.
Manna Aijien is located on the grounds of Tsuchiura Megumi Church, and education is provided in the school building, chapel, and in an environment surrounded by nature.

With these wishes in mind, we educate children so that they can live lively and build a good foundation for the future during the most important period of their lives, the early childhood period.

Childcare Days

Five days a week from Monday to Friday.
On Sundays, parents and children are required to attend church school at Tsuchiura Megumi Church. (For those who attend other churches, please attend the church you have been attending.)

Childcare Hours

Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Sunday 10:00 - 11:00 (church school at Megumi Church)

Extended Day Care

We offer early morning and afternoon extended care (Samuel class). (Early morning 7:30-8:30 a.m. and afternoon 3:00-6:30 p.m.)
Extended daycare (Samuel class) is also available during long vacations from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. *If you need childcare during other hours, please consult with us. We have a system called "Megumi Service."

About the name of "Samuel class"
Named after the story in the Old Testament (I Samuel) in which mother Hannah entrusted her beloved son Samuel to teacher Eli, hoping that he would grow up rich in God's presence.



Saturdays, national holidays, summer, winter, and spring vacations and teacher training days

Class Organization

Class name age Capacity
Hikari 1 year old and up 12 children
Kohitsuji 2 year old and up 12
Hitsuji 3 year old and up 20
Roba 4 year old and up 20
Hato 5 year old and up 20

Class teachers are assigned to each class, but all teachers are involved in the
care of all children. You can experience the warmth of Manna Aijien and the smiling faces of the children only by visiting. We accept visits throughout the year. Please call in advance to confirm the schedule of events and closures.

Nutrition education and school lunch

From Monday to Thursday, school lunch is served at the school's facilities and is handmade. Nutrition education such as vegetable growing in the field, cooking practice and nutritional talks are also provided. On Fridays, please bring a packed lunch from home.

School Bus

From Monday through Friday, school buses run to and from the school according to the drop-off and pick-up points designated by the school.     
This service is available only for those who wish to use it.

Medical checkups

Internal medicine, urine analysis, and dental checkups are conducted twice a year. Newly enrolled children are required to submit a record of a physical examination by their family doctor or the preschool doctor within 3 months prior to enrollment. (Please submit the designated health checkup sheet.)

School Doctor
(Internal Medicine)
Hayashi Clinic Dr. Masatoshi Hayashi
5-6 Inarimae, Tsukuba City Tel: 029-859-0550
School Doctor
Minami Gakuen Dental Clinic Dr. Rei Amasawa
3-1-29 Nishineminami, Tsuchiura City
Tel: 029-841-0606


All children are required to join accident and liability insurance. The cost is included in the childcare fee.

Teaching staff

Director and 8 nursery school teachers (Christian), school bus driver, Dietitian nutritionist and cook

Parents' Association

The foundation of early childhood education is closely related to family life. We have organized a "Parents' Association" in order for parents to understand and cooperate with the preschool's education and for mutual understanding among parents.


When enrolling   Application fee 3,000yen
 Admission fee 50,000yen
Facility fee  10,000yen 

Monthly Fee (except Aug.) Daycare fee  4,5 year olds 27,000yen
3 year olds 28,000yen
2 year olds 30,000yen
1 year olds 32,000yen
School lunch fee   4,000yen
Bus fare  (for users only) round trip 5,500yen
one way 3,000yen

*The fee includes the cost of air conditioning, accident and liability insurance, and medical examinations. Other expenses (Learning materials and events such as field trips) will be charged in addition. Fees are non-refundable.
*The enrollment fee for the younger child who enrolls while his/her sibling is  still in preschool is half price.
*In the event of a long-term absence (3 months or more), there is a fee waiver  system.
*This facility is eligible for the free childcare system (up to 37,000yen).
  For conditions, please visit the City Hall website.
* Admission to our preschool is available at any time.

Manna Fund

A loan system for childcare fees is also available. Please contact us for details.


If you have any consultations, please feel free to contact us.

489-1 Kamitakatsu, Tsuchiura City Tsuchiura Megumi Church Manna Aijien
Director Keiko Miyazaki
Tel & Fax:029-825-1585