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Always Exciting !

Tsuchiura Megumi Church

-We look forward to meeting you! -

Online Worship Guide

Due to the new coronavirus, we are limiting the number of meetings held at the church. Please check our Facebook page for the service.
Online Worship ( Japanese )  
English translation audio file



Worship Information


Morning Worship Service

- Abundant Worship for Everyone to Rest

First Service 8:30- 9:30

Second Service 10:00-11:00

Third Service 11:30-12:30

It's a simple one-hour worship service featuring praise and prayer using hymns and chants, and a message by the pastor. It is a simple one-hour service with praise and prayer using hymns and songs, and a message by the pastor. Please come at a time that is convenient for you. 


Night Worship Service

- Open Worship Service that you can easily join

Open Worship Service 18:00-19:00

We call this service "Open Worship Service" with the hope that anyone can feel free to come. The worship service is centered on praise and easy-to-follow messages accompanied by a youth band.


Children's Worship

- Worship by Age Group 10:00-11:00

Parent & Child Class (0-2-year-old)
Kindergarten Class (3-5-year-old, Manna Aijien children)
Lower Elementary (1st to 3rd grade)
Upper Elementary (4th-6th grade)
TEENS (Junior High School, High School)
At Megumi Church, our goal is for people of all ages to worship as they are. Therefore, our children's services are also tailored to each age group






Event Information

Information and live streaming of various church events.



A scene from our daily life

A picture of the church's daily life. See if it looks good!



Open Worship Channel

Please watch the open worship service and praise.