Weekday Programs

Weekday Programs

Wednesday Worship Service

For Whom: Anyone
When: Every Wednesday
Morning Service 10:30am-12:00pm
Evening Service 7:30pm-9:00pm
Program: Worship singing, a message from the Bible, and prayer time.
Meeting Place: Chapel “Pisuga”

 We meet in the chapel (Pisuga), sing worship songs and listen to a message from the pastor. Afterwards, we spend time in prayer, praying for church issues and each other’s personal lives as well.

Family Meeting

For Whom: Anyone
Time: Weekday mornings
Program: Learning the Bible and having a meal.
Meeting Place: At a Designated Family’s House

 Once a month we meet at one designated family’s house for a Bible study. Led by one of our pastors, we study a passage of the Bible deeply, and then talk openly about how it applies to our daily lives. As this Bible study takes place on a weekday morning most of the time, most of the attendees are housewives.

Bible Breakfast

For Whom: Young people, ages 18-25
When: Every Saturday morning, 9am-11am
Program: Bible study, using a text as a guide.
Place: “Kyouikukan” 2F

 About 10 people join regularly to enthusiastically study the Bible. As young people, they share their similar “life-worries”, and come away from the meeting feeling refreshed and encouraged.

Bible Quest

For Whom: Young people, 25 years and older
When: Every Saturday evening 7:30pm-9pm
Program: Bible study, using a text as a guide.
Place: “Kyouikukan” 2F

 Young people, ages 25 and up, gather to study the Bible. Currently, they are using author Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life as a guide for the study time.